1) Parties
This agreement shall define terms of the relationship between Rayner Software LLC ("NetShade"), and the user of the NetShade service ("user", "client").

2) Server Use
Both paying subscribers and free trial users of NetShade shall comply with all US laws regarding their usage of the NetShade Proxy, VPN and/or DNS services. Examples of prohibited activities: exploitation of minors, blackmail/fraud, spam, pyramid or forwarding schemes, unauthorized sending or receiving of copyrighted content, or any other conduct or activity which violates the laws of the United States of America, the state of California, or the jurisdiction of the VPN/Proxy server being used.

3) ISP Agreements
Any agreement or contract you have in place with your ISP (Internet Service Provider, i.e. Comcast, Verizon, etc.) shall remain in effect. The activation of your NetShade agreement does not supersede any in-effect agreements with your ISP, but rather appends to it.

4) Copyright / DMCA
DMCA refers to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. When we receive a DMCA notice about a user activity conducted on one of our servers, we take the following steps:

  1. Based upon information supplied in the complaint, attempt to identify the NetShade user responsible for the transmission.
  2. Notify the user of the event and provide details. Ask them to stop.
  3. If a DMCA comes in three times for the same user over a 1 year period, that account is banned.

DMCA takedown notices can be sent to (see the About area of for more detailed DMCA contact information).

5) Liability and Indemnification
The user of NetShade agrees that Rayner Software LLC, operator of the NetShade service, shall not be held liable for the user's breach of any term or terms outlined in this agreement. Client agrees to indemnify Rayner Software against any potential losses ensuing from client's breach of terms.

I understand that the NetShade service is subject to any blocks and/or firewalls that exist on a network, and that an ISP's access restrictions may block my access to NetShade.