When you use a proxy service or VPN, all your internet traffic flows through your VPN provider (us). This is a big responsibility, and we take it seriously.

Our VPN servers do not maintain a log of the sites or IP addresses you connect to. We have no "browsing history" on you.

The servers record high-level data about bit transfer totals for purposes of bandwidth accounting and server abuse detection. This data is non-specific in nature and not useful for user activity profiling or analysis.


Living proof that you can still build a site without cookies.

Our website does what it needs to do by doing as little as possible. It's 100% functional even if you turn off cookies. If you can read HTML/CSS/JS, check out the source code. We don't obfuscate anything.

We use no third-party APIs. Our website contacts only one third-party service: Adobe, for our custom fonts. We don't use anything from Google. The server runs apache and does standard COMBINED and ERROR style logging. We make no attempt at doing cross-site tracking on our visitors.


Credit card orders are managed by our internal web server. They are sent securely to Chase for processing via a direct encrypted link. There is no middle-man payment processor—we communicate directly with Chase. Credit card orders from us will show up on your statement with a name containing "RAYNERSW".

PayPal orders are processed with PayPal's Checkout 2.0 API.

Software registration codes are stored in an internal database along with the purchaser's name, email, date of purchase, order history, and subscription parameters. This database is physically located on a dedicated server owned by Rayner Software in a secure Hurricane Electric datacenter in Fremont, California.

We keep track of user accounts' hit count, as well as most recent hit. This is for the purpose of identifying DDoS attacks and similar abuse.


The Digital Milennium Copyright Act is a law requiring hosts of unauthorized copyrighted content to remove it from their servers. This law was designed to thwart piracy websites and torrents.

Like all VPN providers, we receive a number of automated DMCA takedown notices from bait torrent hosts. These come in when a user of our service inadvertently "takes the bait" from a copyright enforcement company. These notices make the false claim that the VPN provider is hosting the torrent in question, which is inaccurate. Because the DMCA notices are not relevant to VPN providers, most of the server companies we work with ignore or simply forward these notices to us.

Bait torrents are an interesting (OK that might be too strong a word) topic which isn't very well-documented on the Internet. We've written up some tidbits from our experience with them over the years: Learn more about DMCA bait


NetShade has no affiliation with any foreign or domestic government entities, nor any external corporate interests or stakeholders. NetShade is developed and run by Rayner Software in California, USA, and is bound by and served by the laws and constitution of the United States of America.

To date we have not received a “National Security Letter,” or any other legal instrument which imposes a gag order upon the recipient.


All our servers are either dedicated servers leased by Rayner Software, or datacenter colo servers owned by Rayner Software. We do not run any services on shared or cloud hosting.

Our servers run CentOS 7 or 8, and are kept up to date. We're proud to say that as far as we know, none of our servers has ever been compromised. Only two incidents have occurred since we started NetShade: a brief, non-invasive attack coming from the SweetCaptcha widget on our site in 2015, and an SQL display bug in 2019. Neither of these caused any data to be leaked or breeched. Any future security incidents will be posted on this page and tweeted as soon as they are identified.



Some VPNs offer lifetime subscriptions. We're wary of these, for one simple reason: VPNs use plenty of bandwidth, and bandwidth isn't cheap. If we were to offer a lifetime subscription and sign up a large number of new users, it's hard to imagine how we could continue hosting those users' bandwidth 5, 10, 15, or 20 years down the road without any new revenue from them. If someone offers a lifetime subscription, it seems likely that they plan to either up-sell you somehow down the road, let the servers become bogged and slow, or simply pack up and disappear. We've been around for 20 years and counting because we don't do things like that.

We do offer a lifetime subscription for KeyShade because it's just a password app, and its sync uses little bandwidth.


Rayner Software is incorporated as an LLC in the state of California. Our address is 1042 Country Club Dr, Suite 2A, Moraga CA 94556. We can be reached at . The founder and owner, Tyler Rayner can be reached directly at or 408-406-5613 . (Please use this contact sparingly- he's probably busy writing software).


  • We believe in doing business ethically and treating customers well
  • We believe in the user's right to privacy on the Internet
  • We are a software company first, and a VPN provider second
  • We love Objective-C, Cocoa, PHP and PostgreSQL
  • We are Mac people
  • We avoid using third-party libraries in our code whenever possible
  • We oppose all forms of cross-website tracking
  • We oppose piracy of software, movies, audio, or any other copyrighted material
  • We oppose warrantless government and corporate surveillance