Manage your passwords.

Simple problem, simple solution.

You’ve got lots of logins and passwords.
KeyShade manages them for you.
Your master password is the only password you’ll need to remember.

If you have a lot of different login and password combinations, KeyShade can make your life easier. We designed the app to be as minimal and streamlined as possible. Your passwords are always easily accessible via the “cloud lock” icon in your menubar. One click brings up the full list of everything you’ve saved in KeyShade — logins and passwords, account numbers, and notes. It's easy to lock and unlock your data using your master password, to keep sensitive information secret.

Any password manager should be secure, and we designed and built KeyShade with a constant eye on security. KeyShade doesn’t want to know your master password, so it’s never saved anywhere. The master password lives only in your head, and without that password KeyShade’s data file is undecipherable and useless. When KeyShade saves your data or sends it to the server, it's always encrypted first. KeyShade only writes an unencrypted version of data if you explicitly tell it to, via a CSV Export.

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Backed up automatically.

Losing all your passwords doesn’t sound fun.
We’ve built KeyShade so it won’t happen.

Is it safe to send your passwords to a server? No — that’s why we don’t do it. KeyShade first runs your password data through an industrial-strength AES encryption algorithm, using your secret master password as the decryption key. It sends only the encrypted data across the network. Without the master password your encrypted data is of no real value to anybody who gets their hands on it. This is why it’s important to use a strong, long master password, and to keep it safe.

And for those who don’t want it, server-syncing can be turned off in preferences.

Is it safe to send my passwords to a server?

Very secure.

Security is not an afterthought in KeyShade.

KeyShade security bona fides

Near-zero learning curve.

KeyShade only does one thing: manage your passwords. Once you know to look for KeyShade’s icon in the top-right of your screen, it’s a constant companion.

Free to use, inexpensive to sync.

KeyShade client app free for life.
Cloud syncing optional: $19 / year.

KeyShade's cloud syncing allows you to securely back up your passwords, and to synchronize them across multiple devices. This service is available for $19 per year, or $2 per month.

New KeyShade users automaically get a one month trial of cloud syncing.

The cloud service is optional, and KeyShade will always work as a standalone password manager without it.

KeyShade wants to be your password manager. The KeyShade app is a free dowload, and always will be.

What's cloud syncing all about?