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Hop Privacy Policy

Privacy is the best policy.

Hop is a product of Rayner Software LLC, makers since 2004 of the NetShade proxy/VPN service. We've always held protection of privacy and respect for users as core values.


tl;dr: Nope.

We do not consider any third party entitled to any information in our posession regarding our users' activity or identity. We, as a matter of general policy, don't share any user data with any third party unless legally compelled to do so via court order.


We send our customers an email once every few months, on average. We send emails when we have significant new information in one of the following areas:

  • Major new product or service updates
  • Outages and service-affecting issues
  • Account-related changes, such as logins or subscription expirations.

We do not send the following types of emails:

  • Third-party "affiliate" emails. We will not use or allow our customer email list to be used for the promotion of third-party products.
  • Excessively chatty and/or spammy emails.


We use Google Analytics for general website usage data and analytics. Our web servers log activity for our public-facing websites and background APIs. We store user account data including contact information. This is all considered priveleged, internal data. It is not shared unless we are compelled by a court order.

Activity log data will never be used for marketing, monetization, or any other similar purpose. Log data or derivatives thereof shall never be offered for sale, in any form, to any party.

Hop Privacy Policy v. 1.0 2018-07-02

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